About Us

I got the fever.

While pursuing a Masters in Public Administration degree, I did my final research paper on food insecurity in Wichita.  During the course of the semester I learned a lot about reducing food waste at the source, recovering edible food to reroute to food banks, and using waste for animal feed.  These are the most preferred options according to the EPA.  However, I was drawn to the lowest hanging fruit.  I believe that by setting people up for success, i.e. providing an accessible, clean, and simple option to address food waste, we can build a foundation that will lead to the EPA's more preferred solutions down the road.  That's why I started researching food scrap pickup services.

I spoke with several groups operating similar business models in larger cities, particularly Compost Collective KC, and felt that this was something that Wichita could and would support.  My family and I started composting more seriously when I started my research and now we physically cringe when we see food waste going into the trash.  Our change in perspective after only a relatively short time diverting our food waste from the trash has been incredible.  We feel even more connected to the environment.

Maybe I'm an idealist, but I believe that a program like this has the power to bring communities together and improve the health of the entire city.

Thank you for considering Nudge Compost.