It's Easy!

1. You fill out the signup form using the 'Start Composting' button.

2. We deliver a clean, crisp, 5 gallon bucket to your door with a compostable liner and a secure lid.  No smell!  We chat with you about how composting is cool.

3. You collect your food scraps, loose compostables, and small yard waste, and deposit them in the bucket.  Leave the bucket by the curb on Thursday evenings.  See what we can compost here.

4. We pick up the bucket early, very early, on Friday mornings, remove the material, give the bucket a scrub, and install a new liner.  The compostables are turned into power packed soil by one of our partners.

5.  We provide compost back to customers, donate to community gardens and schools, and strengthen the long-term soil health of our city.

5. Continue in perpetuity, or until you minimize your food waste to the point that we no longer have a job!  That's kinda the goal if you want to know the truth.