Raw or Cooked is OK - Fruits - Vegetables - Eggshells - Plate Scrapings - Bread - Grains - Pasta - Coffee Grounds and Filters - Tea Bags - Nuts - Plants Clippings - Flowers - Yard Clippings - Paper Towels and Plates - Pizza Boxes - Leaves - Newspaper

If you're unsure - just ask!  For the most part anything that grows can be included.

PLEASE NOTE:  For now we are holding off on the following products EXCEPT for our commercial partners.  If you feel strongly about including these products in your residential service please reach out and we can work something out.

Meat - Dairy - Seafood - Bone

Not Allowed

If it's plastic, rubber, glass or metal it is not allowed.  If you're unsure - just ask!  Some examples of what is not allowed:

Pet Waste - Plastic Wrap - Foil - Rubber Bands - Styrofoam - Cork - Produce Netting - Painted or Treated Wood - Grease